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We facilitate transactions and guarantee payment.

Save space in the warehouse and eliminate unnecessary waste.

Don’t let materials go to waste or aimlessly take up space; let Nutri Marketplace find you the right buyers.

List your items in as little as 30 seconds.

Instantly access thousands of buyers looking for your materials, packaging, and equipment. Communicate directly with the buyers, set your prices, share documentation, negotiate on price and keep everything organized in one central place.

Buying & Selling Process


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Sellers Create a free account and upload your products list.

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Get verified, get more opportunity

Verified buyers can browse products, create RFQs, and communicate with sellers via chat.

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Your money is safe to us!

Once the price and terms are agreed to, a PO is created, and funds are wired to the Nutri Market escrow account.

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Get proper Instruction about your shipping

The seller receives the Purchase order along with shipping instructions for the buyer's carrier.

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Deliver materials and get Paid!

Once the delivery is made and materials are inspected and accepted, the funds are released to the seller’s account minus a transaction fee.

Get more leads for your services.

In your application, specify the services you offer and let brands easily find you.


Sellers pay a 3% transaction fee. Everything else is 100% free.

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