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Let suppliers bid on the materials you need

Request a quote in seconds and start getting bids from multiple suppliers.

Stop wasting time as a materials detective; just input what your needs are and let the suppliers respond.

Don’t waste your time on finding materials. Just raise a request to the suppliers and let them respond.

This is the modern way to source materials.

Instantly chat and share documents

Document management is an extremely important part of the ingredient approval process and can also be a very frustrating task. We make it easy to upload, retrieve, and exchange documents directly on our site.

Easily qualify trusted sources

We work with the best suppliers in our industry and maintain the highest standards for all participating members. When you use our site, you can count on us for timely assistance and support.

Manage documents in one place

If you are a supplier tired of repeatedly sending the same documents, we have a solution. Upload all your documents attached to your ingredient listings and let buyers access and download them from there to streamline the process.

Let suppliers bid on the materials you need!

Your requests will be aligned with the most qualified suppliers so that you can easily choose and accept the quotes that best fit your needs.

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