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Superior has one of the largest supply chains in the industry, with over 10 facilities across the United States spanning all major delivery forms and offering formulations, R&D, component sourcing, packaging services, printing, label design and other services. We offer our clients the ability to source and manufacture almost unlimited product combinations working with one turnkey company. Delivery forms: capsules, tablet, softgel, gummy, liquid, homeopathic, balm/salves, lotions/creams. Packaging: jars/bottles, droppers, stick packs, sachets, cartons, pouches (paper, foil, plastic), blisters. Services: R&D, formulation, label/packaging printing, nutritional panel testing, in-house or 3rd party testing, international documentation/registration, component sourcing. Available certifications: NSF, NSF Sport, TGA, Health Canada, USDA Organic, Oregon Tilth, OTC, SQF, Kosher, Halal, BRC Foods.

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