Knowledge-base for Sellers

Account registration and eligibility

Nutri Marketplace seeks to establish connections and trust between reputable business operators. When new registration is created, it does not get an automatic approval on our site. Our staff pre-screens all registration to make sure to protect our users from negligent operators and scammers. We first check that the registration was not done by a bot, or some automated data collection system. Our staff checks each registration email to make sure it comes from a legitimate domain, currently used for their related business purpose. We also contact each registered user with a follow up email or a phone call, to find out what business they are in, why they registered with us and how they are planning to use the platform, and if they need any help with on-boarding. This information helps us customize user experience, get to know each user from the start, and establish direct dialogue and relationship with each user. It also translates into a very predictable experience and added trust for all users using our system.

Getting Qualified-Supplier Status

Each company operating in our industry needs to have a documented process of qualifying their suppliers. Food Safety rules on all levels of government, and FDA regulations related to Food, Beverage, and Dietary supplements dictate that each company that serves consumable products, packages products in food contact packaging, and makes claims or marketing statements related to the products they sell, must source all of their ingredients and packaging from pre-qualified suppliers. Nutri Marketplace devised a standard process for supplier qualification that provides buyers with an assurance that we enable this task for them and pre-qualify suppliers who opt for this feature and are selling their products on our platform. Our Qualified Suppliers must provide up-to-date documentation and acceptable answers to a robust set of cGMP questions in order to gain a Qualified status.

Adding Products

For all registered and approved users, we enable a selling function menu in the choices that appear at the left top corner of an account when in logged in mode.

To add a new items, simply click in your Seller Account / My Products:

  • To add products one-by-one, use Add Product green button, with a plus sign:
    • Enter Product Name and Get Started
    • List if Fields will appear for you to fill out Only fields with red asterisk are required
    • Fill out the form to the best of your ability from top to bottom
    • Use the description field to add qualifying text related to the ingredient which will help with CEO and better results in a search box on our platform. For example, if you are selling Citric Acid, adding terms like Granular, Non-GMO, or PH modifier, works great for Beverages, will also enable for this item to be retrieved in searches that contain the underlined words.
  • To mass upload all of your products at once, use the BULK UPLOAD gray button with an arrow that goes to the top.
    • Download our Excel template to your hard drive on your computer.
    • Fill in all columns to the best of your ability. The heading in the spreadsheet will be marked as Required field to list. Please make sure you don’t skip any columns that are required. You can also cut and paste data from your internal spreadsheet or ERP downloads. Please use your internal SKU or Item number for the first field.
    • Once all required and optional fields are filled in, come back to the same bulk upload page, and drop the file into the green box that says “Drop Spreadsheet Here” or click to upload it to the site.
    • Our upload wizard will guide you from there. You will need to match up the heading from the upload spreadsheet on the left, to the heading in our system on the right. If you are using our template without changes, it will in most cases default to the right heading on both sides, but it will also allow you to use your own in-house sheets in the future, with different names in headings, but match them up to our terms for the Heading in our system.
    • Once you use the Bulk Upload function once, this will start making perfect sense to you. In case you need any additional help, our crew can jump in a video support call with you and assist you at every step.

Responding to RFQs

One of the key features that we offer to the Buyers is an RFQ feature that enables them to submit requests for their ingredients and solicit feedback and options from our suppliers. As part of the Seller options and benefits on our platform, our system will match all incoming RFQs with the equitable matching listings on our platform. When a buyer RFQ to Listing match is successful, the seller will receive a notification via email and in the Seller Quote center alerts. This means that the matching RFQ was pushed to the Seller / Quote Center, and at that point the Seller will be able to review the request, and respond to the Buyer with the best offer and any requested information associated with this request.

Sending quotes

Timely responses to quote requests are necessary in order to keep buyers engaged and keep coming back to this tool. When the buyer will send you a quote request, the person designated as a primary contact will receive an e-mail notification from our platform. All quote activity is also available in your Seller Account, under Quote Center options. Please check your platform messages and your Quote Center requests and responses regularly. The buyer and seller can then continue to connect and message via RFQ Quote Center messaging system to resolve any questions and work to close the transaction.

Integrating storefront with website

One of the best ways to take advantage of our solutions is to integrate our standard code structure into your own e-commerce portal. There is no need to reinvent the wheel. Our team already built all of the main functionalities needed to search, discover, review and transact sales from your site. In most cases, we can also integrate our platform with your existing ERP system and other data sources. Please reach out to our team and we can collaborate on the scope of your project, learn more about your operation and business requirements, and once agreed on the plan and timing work on a project to bring your e-commerce platform to fruition.

Creating Exclusive Prices

One of the key features of the e-commerce platform is the ability to set exclusive prices for individual customer accounts within the customer set up configuration. You can have full control over pricing, and publish your full cost line pricing to the accounts you choose, but for other accounts set discounted rates or set item specific price, to have a flexibility to manage preferred accounts with special pricing or contracted terms with high volume arrangements.

Purchase Orders

One of the benefits of using a marketplace and doing business digitally is that your webstore will be open 24 hours per day, and can accommodate customers in any timezone. We are enabling buyers to do their research and find ingredients at any time or device, and long as they are connected to the web. If they choose to buy and save time, our system can create a 3-way purchase order confirming their commitment and transferring customer PO and requirements electronically for your team to fulfill.

RFQ Wall

In your seller account, you already have access to RFQs sent to you by our buyers directly related to items you have in your storefront. In addition, you are very likely interested in learning about general demand and trends, emerging from all requests coming to our site from all buyers. With your upgraded account, our team can give you access to this valuable data and customer insights. It often can present opportunities for you to discover other high demand products you can be selling to your existing and new customers.