Sell your non-demand Ingredients & Packaging

Easily list and find a home for your non-demand materials.

Inventory Leftovers

You try your best to purchase just what you need for each job, but your yield and production output does not always perfectly align with available ingredients. Time after time you end up with leftover ingredients sitting in your racks. We can help you find home and sell usable materials to other users in the industry who are opposed to food waste and can take your remaining lots off your hands.

Usable Ingredients & Limited Shelf Life

Regularly review your inventory to avoid obsolescence and financial losses. Don't delay; identify expired materials now and list them on our platform.

Demand Changes

Inaccurate forecasts, unpredictable customers, changing preferences lead to purchasing errors. Recoup costs by liquidating surplus materials with us.

High MOQ

Minimize waste and maximize value by selling your surplus inventory to interested buyers on our platform.

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Our Industry is Waking Up to Food Waste

In the United States, food waste is estimated at between 30–40 percent of the food supply. Source: US FDA Website. Our entire industry and even FDA is waking up to food waste epidemic. Avoidable food waste can be prevented by collaborative re-sell of usable ingredients, with transperent and responsible mindset.

Up Cycle Your Materials Because

Food waste contributes to landfills. Food waste creates emissions. There are people in other parts of the world going to sleep hungry at night, while good food goes to waste. Join the movement and do a small part. Prevent good food from being thrown away, and re-invest in helping others.

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Account Creation and Verification

Create a free Nutri Market account as a seller to upload your products list and reach a wider audience, unlocking opportunities for potential buyers.

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Product Listing and Secure Transactions

Verified buyers explore products, create RFQs, and chat with sellers on Nutri Market. Secure transactions are ensured as funds are transferred to the escrow account upon agreement.

Track and Access documents

Shipping Instructions and Payment

Nutri Market guides sellers with shipping instructions. Upon delivery and acceptance, funds are released to the seller's account, ensuring a streamlined, hassle-free experience.

Unlock the Potential of Co-Packing Efficiency

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