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Our unique value proposition to our customer is:
Customer Service:
The one thing that is so unique to our business is the added investment that we put into our clients to ensure that they receive the highest standard of service. There is nothing more satisfying to us than when our client calls on us for our advice and trusts us implicitly to work in the interest of their business.

Unparalleled Vertical Integration of supply chain:
Controlled raw material planting -> Controlled Raw Material Harvesting -> Controlled Extraction -> Full GMP Finishing -> Shipping

Rigorous QC/QA:
A&Y invests heavily into our Quality Department. Most companies skip testing and end up with rejected raw materials. By testing all lots we successfully reduce rejections and associated costs.

We use major US 3rd party labs to verify each lot number for:

DNA – Assay/Solvent/Toxins/Pesticides – C14 (Carbon testing/Adulteration) – Heavy Metals and Microbiology.

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