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Sugimoto Tea Company

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Authenticity & Innovation
Sugimoto Tea Company is not your average Japanese green tea company. Yes, we produce authentic Japanese green teas, including everything from sencha to matcha. And yes, we have a multi-generational history of tea making. But, unlike many other Japanese companies, we have long embraced innovation to bring the best tasting tea to our customers.

Why do customers love our tea?
Is it because we’ve been making tea for three generations in Shizuoka?
Is it because of our awards?
Not quite. All of these qualities have something to do with it, but at the end of the day, most of our customers do not know these things and have still enjoyed our tea for years.

Because our tea tastes delicious.

Our tea does not taste delicious just because we have won competitions. It tastes delicious because we craft tea for tea drinkers to enjoy daily, not for awards that just favor the tastes of a select few.

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